John’s Live Poultry

Screenshot 2017-06-25 21.27.35

John’s Live Poultry is one of the few places in Chicago where you can select a bird, they slaughter it for you, and you take your future dinner home in the car with you.

Chicagoans who originated from all over the world come here because they have no appetite for food wrapped in cellophane packaging.

They want it fresh. In fact many refuse to eat a bird that’s been dead a few day or two.

Just before Thanksgiving, we meet up with some of the customers who’re getting ready for the holiday they’ve adopted in their new land.



This is an abbreviated version of the story that aired on NPR’s former mid-day program Day To Day.

Sierra Exif JPEG DSC02347 Sierra Exif JPEG DSC02326 DSC02329 DSC02320 DSC02314 DSC02321 Sierra Exif JPEGThis story aired on WBEZ/Chicago Public Media on January 20, 2009.

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