Jobs and future stalled by records thought secret

This story was produced for WBEZ.  You can listen right here.


This former CPS student, arrested at school at age 11, got tripped up in a job search at 20. WBEZ/Linda Paul

If you look at all the arrests of juveniles in the city of Chicago, you’ll see that about a quarter of them-and that’s almost 5,000 a year-take place on the grounds of Chicago Public Schools. Even when that arrest is the end of it, when the case never goes to court, it can set in motion a record that sometimes can be seen by others. In part two of our look at juvenile records: the story of a young man whose arrest at 11 resurfaced and tripped him up when he was 20. It’s part of our juvenile justice series, Inside and Out.

This story aired on WBEZ/Chicago Public Media on December 20, 2010.

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