If You Give a Squirrel a Cookie


Listen to my WBEZ story HERE.


Squirrel feasts on contents of my mother’s garbage bin…WBEZ/Linda Paul

Your garden variety squirrel is different from other rodents.

Rats live about three years. Squirrels live twice as long, and CAN survive for a dozen years or more.

Nature may have intended them to eat berries and seeds, but city squirrels have a decided preference for pepperoni pizza and discarded lasagna.

They go for the highest number of calories for the least amount of effort.

Linda Paul has watched squirrels at her mother’s house in Evanston, where they gnaw holes in the plastic garbage carts to get at the bounty.

Evanstonian attempts to thwart squirrels with chicken wire...WBEZ/Linda Paul

Evanstonian attempts to thwart squirrels with chicken wire…WBEZ/Linda Paul

This led her on an urban safari to find out how Eastern gray squirrels get the best of the carts…and their owners.

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